Your Voice Matters

Let Ottawa know that you care about global access to health! Write a letter! You have two options: send a hard-copy through the mail, or send an e-mail. Politicians in Ottawa pay more attention to “snail mail,” so that is your better option. However, if you would rather send an e-mail, you can do so from the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network's site.

Click on the links below to download pre-written letters to the Prime Minister, and each of the 16 members on the Standing Committee on Industry, Science, and Technology. The letters ask that the addressee support an amended version of C-9 with the flaws removed. If any of the members on the committee are from your riding, send a letter to him or her. If not, send one to the PM!

Don’t forget to both sign your letters. And VERY IMPORTANT: write your address below your signature so they know that support comes from around the country!

Be sure to have all of your friends and family send letters too! Send an e-mail with a link to this website, or print off some copies and bring them to your school and any clubs you are a part of. In Ottawa, letters are often the best indication to legislators of what their constituents think! The files are all posted first in Microsoft Word Format. If you cannot open MS Word Files, then try the RTF (Rich Text Format) link.